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Commercial kitchens pride themselves on their food quality and, of course, cleanliness, and it’s important to hold yourself to high standards. You want your customers and your staff to be safe, and kitchen safety relies on good sanitation practices. This is why regular cleanings are required, either monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on your food operation, according to fire code Fire Code NFPA 96
(The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes of standards.)

In other words, not only is safety important, it’s legally required in most food operations. These requirements are in place to reduce and prevent grease fires.

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NFPA 96 is used for industry best practices that maximize the safety for machine/appliance operators, building occupants, and the property. They must be followed to prevent fires and fire hazards in commercial operations.

Other Important Reasons to Have Hoods Cleaned

No matter what size or layout of your kitchen, the exhaust hood works the same. It’s in place to help with ventilation and to replace the kitchen air with fresh, cleaner air in a continuous cycle. The hood will get clogged with grease, particulates from smoke/ash, and even bacteria or fungus that is present in the air. Once they’re trapped in the exhaust hood, you must have the hood cleaned regularly to prevent these contaminants from building up – if they build up too much, you’re in danger of starting a grease fire. (You will also likely be in violation of not just fire codes, but health codes.)

By cleaning your hoods regularly, you will also improve the air quality within kitchen as well as other spaces – such as in your restaurant’s seating areas, too. During cold and flu season, you’ll find that regular and thorough hood cleanings, as well as your regular, daily cleanup, will reduce sick time for your employees and help your business remain efficient. Hood clean up, and regular duct cleanings, too, can improve the welfare of your employees, making your business happier and healthier place to work.

The performance, safety, and even efficiency of commercial kitchen ventilation systems rely on the regular cleaning of parts, and hood cleaning is one of the most important cleanings to impact safety in the kitchen.

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How We Work on Hood Cleaning

Our Professional technicians work hard and make sure that your equipment is properly maintained. Your exhaust hoods need quality, established methods for maintaining grease-free exhaust system.

Did you know that cooking produces effluents including grease, moisture, and smoke? When you turn the exhaust fan on, it “traps” these contaminants and pulls them away through the kitchen hood, through filters, and into the ductwork. After this, it’s just a matter of time before the ducts become clogged and dangerous. This is what creates a fire hazard and it’s why there are so many laws and regulations in place for cleaning and maintaining this type of equipment.

Our professional technicians work to meet the cleaning standards outlined in NFPA 96. All of our work is done trained, certified kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians. We also meet all NY health department requirements to carry out these cleanings

Our technicians will complete the following tasks for you, according to fire regulations.:

  • Take apart, clean, and degrease hoods. (This includes hood filter tracts, grease catchers, and removable grease cups.)
  • Remove of mounted fans from ductwork to clean the grease off of the base, shroud, and blades.
  • Clean and remove grease from all hood filters, parts, and accessories. (We will let you know if replacement is needed.)
  • Clean all of the ductwork from exhaust fans to each hood.
  • Thoroughly clean all affected areas, including any debris.
  • Present you with certificate showing that qualified technicians did the work and list the date of cleaning for each hood.

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We also provide dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, and even chimney sweep services.

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