5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs

5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs

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5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs If you own a restaurant or cafeteria you probably already know how important it is to keep the vent hood over the grill clean at all times. There have been thousands of grease fires in those hoods over the years and that’s why they are constantly inspected by the local authorities. Here are the 5 best hood cleaning blogs to demonstrate to everyone why they should clean their vent hoods.

The Restaurant Hood Cleaning Blog

This blog is run by www.cincinnatihoodcleaning.com and goes into great detail as to how you could be “playing with fire” by not keeping your kitchen hood and it’s exhaust system clean at all times. They point out that in just a four year period there were over 8,500 fires responded to at bars and restaurants due to grease fires. This caused over $190,000 in damage as well.

Kitchen Grease Trap And Hood Cleaning Blog

Here they go into the top 5 most common causes of grease fires in kitchens. Of course this would include grease in the hood, grease in the vents, and grease in the exhaust fans. The common denominator is always going to be grease since the metal that these products are made from can’t burn. The key is that these grease traps and vents need to be monitors at all times and cleaned almost daily to prevent fires from starting. This website’s address is www.hightemphoods.com/blog/ they also list several other cleaning services that can be called for full service grease elimination.

The Cleaner Q Blog Has Some Good Schedules

This is a very informative blog that includes some nightly kitchen cleaning checklists that can be printed out on your computer and posted in your restaurant. These look to be quite helpful in directing the night cleaning crew to stay on top of the maintenance. For instance they recommend emptying the grease cups where the grease accumulates every single night and running them through the dishwasher.

The outside vent louvers, they say, should be removed and pressure washed with steam twice per week. Plus the hood over the grill area should be wiped clean nightly and up into the vent as well. Of course, there are parts of the venting that can’t be easily reached and that is going to be where the grease will accumulate and be a fire hazard. That’s where a quality steam cleaning company should be called regularly to do the cleaning. In most municipalities they will have to be certified in order to qualify for the Fire Marshall inspections. This is one of the 5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs and it has some good info and good resources that deserve a read: www.cleanerq.com/hood-cleaning

Hoods Unlimited Blog

This blog has regular entries that go over some of the problems that restaurant owners might experience and need solutions for. The latest post goes over some of the reasons why a hood or vent might be dripping grease. The most likely reason is that it’s not really grease but dirty water that is the result of being trapped after a thorough cleaning. Somehow the water has found a passage through a seam and accumulated in an unseen area. Then it begins to leak back out when the temperature rises and the water expands with the heat. It can be a difficult problem to track down, but one that needs to be done to eliminate dirty water or grease from dripping onto your grill.

The blog, located at www.hoodsunlimited.org/default.html, has numerous posts that would be helpful to read to understand the workings of most hoods, and how to diagnose their problems as they arise.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Experts Blog

This blog is run by Safe Guard Commercial Services of St Louis Missouri. They have territories open for hood cleaning specialists that want a great opportunity by becoming certified in the commercial hood cleaning industry. They go on to explain how all commercial restaurants need to have certified experts clean their hoods according to federal and local fire regulations. In addition to that, most insurance companies that cover restaurants also require inspections as well. All of this is designed to prevent grease fires which are the most common insurance loss for any establishment that runs a grill.

If you’re interested in finding out more about preventing grease fires or cleaning your vent hood, you can’t go wrong by reading blogs. You’ve seen an example of 5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs. There are lots of great posts that have excellent information that can educate business owners and managers to help them understand how important cleaning up the grease is for fire safety and prevention.

The 5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs For More Info Just Call Us Now: (917) 960-2272

5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs

5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs

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